Is This For Me?

People often seek treatment when they are experiencing very distressing feelings or behaviors and are having difficulty coping with them.  Others come to therapy on the advice of a doctor, spouse, lawyer or employer.  Treatment provides support, encouragement, solutions, healing and growth.  Please consider learning more if any of the following apply to you.  You are not alone! 

  • You feel very sad or depressed over a period of time

  • You have thoughts of hurting yourself or others

  • You worry or are fearful in ways that interfere with your life

  • You are stressed by a chronic illness - your own or a loved one's; especially if you are the caregiver

  • You are having difficulty coping with the death of a loved one

  • You have suffered a trauma, such as rape, abuse or an accident

  • You are having difficulty coping with a recent major life change

  • You are having troubled sleeping or are sleeping too much for no obvious reasons

  • You have no appetite or are eating too much for no obvious reasons

  • You have recently developed great difficulty in paying attention or concentrating

  • You have a past history of mental illness

  • You feel that you need therapy to deal with stress in your life related to your relationships with others, your job or caring for your children

  • You have difficulty effectively expressing feelings

  • You have beliefs that seem false to others

  • Your thinking feels disorganized

  • You find yourself struggling with sexually compulsive behaviors

  • You have concerns that you are spending too much time on the internet

  • Others are complaining that you spend too much time on the internet

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